Several new pieces have been added to The Closet! Lots of spring & summer accessories that everyone can wear!

The Closet is another room in the virtual House of Alexzander where you can quite literally buy clothing and accessories right from the wardrobe of Elliott Alexzander. The purpose of this came from an idea to literally sell the clothes off their back and use the funds to launch a project that Elliott believes the world needs. One of the worse feelings is going into a department store and finding clothing that you absolutely love, but won’t buy because the store does not offer specific cuts and sizes for EVERYONE! The idea is to create a brand that offers everyone the opportunity to buy fashionable clothing that actually fits. No matter if you are what society calls “plus size” no matter if you have big feet, no matter if you have a flat chest… We want to create a brand that is for everyone! Clothing is such a basic way for individuals to express themselves and it should be available to everyone, yet the gender variant community is STILL left unrepresented. Not to mention, the degrading terms used by chains and department store like “plus size” or “for men/for women” … NO!!!!
Clothes are clothes, and its the dream of Elliott Alexzander to provide everyone with clothing tailored for every body type, every gender identity… for every human being.

Soon, The House will be launching a kickstarter page so that individuals who do not want to buy clothes/accessories from The Closet, can still donate and be apart of the movement Elliott Alexzander is creating within the gender variant & body positive community through fashion.

To visit the closet follow this link, http://houseofalexzander.bigcartel.com/